Saturday, November 10, 2012

and the result is....

Heeeee after gone through all the stress and tied schedule for the exam both kafa and kebangsaan and finally the result comes out. Harapan of course kepada orang yg rajin which is Along and for Kak Ngah, so and so jek sbb x serious. As long as can improve syukran......

 Along 2nd place for kafa.... Kebangsaan top 10, but % improved. Tetap bersyukur selagi x turun kelas. 
Alooo sapa punya hadiah nie??

Budak perasan...Next year Kak Ngah buat betul2 ya....
I told her, don't worry if we were last in the class as long as your % high, because if your surrounding is +ve you will become +ve too.
The message was passed to me when I wanted to choose between my normal secondary school and MRSM.
My uncle asked, you want to be the winner among the looser or you want to be the looser among the winner?
Not saying normal school or the rest class is not good. But we have to find something to motivate ourself.
Along informed, there is one boy from his class asking one of her paper result and said he will do better next year to compete. I like this boy. He will become somebody if he maintain his attitude InsyaAllah. Persaingan yg sihat.
Ok, for so and so budak Kak Ngah, result dia tgh2...not the last, not the top 15......Tapi semalas-malas dia pun she got some A's for both Kafa and Kebangsaan. Boleh digilap cuma kita kene stress lebih la......Ada dia kesahhhhh ?? ermmm haram.....
Ok the reward from us??? Later will blog about this. Masa exam lagi dah mtk mcm2. Terpaksa iyakan sbb nak motivate tapi harus ada syarat la like top 3, top 5, top 15, x turun kelas and etc...ikut tahap masing2.

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