Saturday, December 10, 2011


Damia is going to standard 1 next year.
Sangat2 risau because her reading not so good. Terminate from Genius Aulad sebab ayah susah nak hantar pagi2 asyik jammed and lewat.
Request taska owner to teach her. Mak Minah was known as 'garang and yet a good teacher'.
Ada improvement besides Along also mengaji from her. Terisi la masa cuti2 sekolah dia org.

Unfortunately, office ayah nak move next year and we plan to rearrange all the kids. So Arif will be moved back to Ibnu Soleh which is near to Ayah's office. The girls remain at Mak Minah for transit between Kafa and Kebangsaan. But for December both Along and Mia have to accompany Adik Arif to Ibnu Soleh. Not so difficult to the girls because they used to stay there and little bit payah for adik sebab dia stay for short period last time.

What happend to Damia class? Again Damia need to get help from different teacher. Tuisyen with Teacher Fatin (pretty like Lisa Surihani version pakai tudung wa cakap luuu) and teacher Umi (Teacher Fatin's mother). Ada improvement la sket2. Harap2 Damia will improve and get ready for the school next year. Cannot imagine how she will behave in the class. So nakal and x reti duduk diam. Along please look after your sister.

Today we shop for the school ya. Ibu x kisah it is terapi walaupun bukan barang ibu asalkan ada perkataan shopping ibu suka........ :-)

Cuti Sekolah

Ok continue from the exam..... The result appear and the best part is utk Kafa Along is showing her progress. Mula-mula dapat no dalam belasan and early this year top ten. Nak buat camna asyik datang lewat ajek. N for the last exam in std 2 ibu cabar Along to be in top 5.
Sekali keluar result dapat the 3rd place. Well done Along..... keep up. To get no 1 rasanya x mustahil tapi payah. No. 3 sahaja ada paper she got 100% so the 1st place mesti dapat 4-5 paper 100%. Perghhhhh. Xperla nombor sahaja xguna yang paling penting the ilmu.

As for the Kebangsaan is another way around. She only managed to get the 3rd place, turun from her midterm result. Xper jugak Along as long as the % is improved. Showing that everybody compete each other. Healthy environment.

So what is the reward? Macam2 nak, like tv dlm keta, basikal, iPad and so on and so far cuti-cuti at PD menggantikan semua kehendak itu. 3D2N and because of peak season we all kene stay into 2 diff hotel apartment. 1st Night at Ancasa Spa & Resort. This is our 2nd time there. Suka sebab apartment dia bersih and luas. Near to the pool and to the beach.

2nd night at Tiara Beach Resort. Apartment not so clean tapi pool luas and ada cycling sekali. Penat and puas sebab dah lama x bercuti bersama. So mau reward lagi?? Be good and show me the result laaaaa.