Saturday, March 15, 2008

Dengue Fever

We supposed to go for vacation @ company's trip to Penang from 13th March to 16th but my dearest ohusband demam since Wednesday 5th March. 3rd times refer to clinic then only get GL to refer to hospital and finally admitted due to dengue.

2 mlm berturut-turut pekena sup ketam bertambahla dia punya platelate from 90-61-180-225...hehehehe
Normal is 150 so dr allow him to discharge but MC till the next one week.
Conclusion is no Penang trip and the worst part is my Along also demam which is dr also
cannot determine whether it is normal virus fever or dengue. Too early to discover but diam x diam today is hari ke- 4 dia demam. Now gusi pun dah bengkak but no simptom2 yg menunjukkan dia +ve denggi. Makan kurang selera apatahlagi makan ubat and anak ibu nie x pernah ada record hospitalised. Hopefully can recover even mkn antibiotik x sampai setengah sudu.
Alahai family ku.......and finally the next one week along wa admitted at the hospital due to dengue.
Maka beramahmesra la familyku dengan kakitangan KJMC disbbkan 2 anak beranak berturu2 masuk spital.