Saturday, January 26, 2008

My AM tender

Waaaa this week is a surprise week for IT Technical team.
The only AM and the most senior person in IT team tender her resignation and she is my superior. All the while asyik ugut n canang kata nak resign sampai x heran bila dengo rumours and this time is the real one.
She is very fierce and cerewet one and yet she is the one will backup us. She teach us a lots in terms of career interm of personal...masing2 ada kelemahan n kelebihan. She polish me from doing backup operator go to network admin then go to unix admin then both network and unix admin and now caca marba...tangkap muat....... Dunno whether because of her challenge, support or me myself want to improve I am here as I am now (perasan).
What to do? Life goes by one tehcn team left aku gak yg x laku.......
dok jekla kat sini berkhidmat utk agama, bangsa and negara......
Kalau ada rezeki mana tau.....
Bos said will find replacement for us, whatever I will sokong sapa2 yg berniat ikhlas menjadi my superior.

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