Saturday, December 08, 2007

Team power towards a high performance culture

I was sent to this training by the company on 1st and 2nd Dec at Alson Klana Resort Seremban. 1st batch was for mgmt level and they said mmg best and this 2nd batch is actually for the Asst Manager and Branch Ass Manager post tapi sbb my AM x pi..tangkap muat jekla kan....
Apa bleh buat dah namanya kuli..I take at +ve site nak ilmu and experience la...
dah lama x pi external course. Tapi mmg x rugi...interesting...the instructor pun best. Kene buat small presentation....ada exercise sket..... and the last part was much2 more interesting whereby all the participants need to break the board ala2 taekwando laaaa.

I managed to break it only after 2nd trial ok la kan.... 1st stage x lepas sbb x concentrate, x aim 3 kali and x jerit utk kumpulkan the energy. But overall okla..atlast semua org berjaya patahkan board masing2 bawak blk kasi tunjuk kat spouse kata instructor, kasi takut sama tok laki..ekekekeke

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